• Non-Profit/ College

    Non-Profit/ College

    Summary: Steelwood began working with the Southern Benedictine Society of North Carolina (the Monastery at Belmont Abbey)...

  • Non-Profits/ Foundation

    Non-Profits/ Foundation

    Summary: In the Spring of 2013 Steelwood was hired by The Belle W. Baruch Foundation to assist Hobcaw Barony in identifying/...

  • Non-Profit/ College

    Non-Profit/ College

    Summary: Located 20 miles northeast of Bristol, Tennessee at Exit 26 of Interstate 81, Emory & Henry College hired...

  • Non-Profit/ Foundation

    Non-Profit/ Foundation

    Summary: This 1,100 acre property is located along I-85 in Greenville, South Carolina. The property was assembled over...

  • Non-Profit/ High School

    Non-Profit/ High School

    Summary: Steelwood was hired by Benedictine Military School in the fall of 2008 to provide a development plan for their...

  • Non-Profit/ Children’s Home

    Non-Profit/ Children’s Home

      Summary: Through archival research, we have learned that in the early 1900’s Barium Springs was a destination...

Real Estate Holdings may be the key to your institution’s financial success.  Steelwood has assisted non-profit and educational clients discover creative, market-driven solutions for the development of their property. We have been entrusted by these clients to help build value that ensures both short and long-term financial goals are met while increasing endowments for years to come.