Non-Profit/ Children’s Home



Through archival research, we have learned that in the early 1900’s Barium Springs was a destination resort spa and hotel that touted the medicinal benefits of a natural spring to assist people with digestive ailments.  The hotel was lost to a fire and sadly never reconstructed. The property was then converted into a farm and orphanage by the Presbyterian church.  At its height, approximately 300 orphans resided on the property, went to school and actively worked the farm land.  The orphanage acquired surrounding property to help reach its current size of 1,100 acres.  Currently, this non-profit has fully transitioned from an orphanage to a counseling and educational center for at-risk or troubled young persons. It remains a tranquil center reminiscent of the orphanage.

This property, originally in a very rural area, is now in the center of a major development corridor. The surrounding area has been identified as one of the top ten growth areas in the country, largely due to the relocation of a national corporate headquarters, its ancillary businesses and the development of race teams. Near the property is a major river that provides many recreational amenities.

We were engaged by this owner to prepare an overall development plan of the property that would provide a vehicle to create a future income stream for these programs.


The development plan anticipates an entire new community with a retail center, various housing types for sale, senior living areas and ultimately a regional office and business park development.  The property will be linked to two exits along a major interstate to facilitate access to the property.

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