Non-Profit/ College


Located 20 miles northeast of Bristol, Tennessee at Exit 26 of Interstate 81, Emory & Henry College hired Steelwood in the Spring of 2012 to provide a Market Research/Analysis and Development Feasibility Study for their 31 parcels of land which total over 540 acres, with the main focus being the land surrounding the 162 acre College campus. The ultimate goal being to identify what land will be needed for future College growth and what type of development(s) will provide a financial endowment to the College in both the short and long term.

Through discussions with College Administration and local officials and extensive Market Research, we determined there is a slow but steady population growth in the county, mainly in senior adults and that the County is aggressively campaigning to attract new industries and that tourism is becoming the area’s largest economic component.  We also learned that Exit 26 at Interstate 81 averages 33,000 vehicles passing by each day.

From our findings we then proceeded into a Site Analysis and Land Use Planning Study.  In his study, we catalogued the 31 parcels of land and created an Existing Conditions plan in CAD format.  From our initial study we had determined that 2 locations are available for future development, land along the Interstate and land located in downtown Emory.  We created Land Use plans for both areas showing a mix of economically viable uses.


The Land Use Committee for Emory & Henry is currently reviewing our studies to form a strategy for implementation.  In the meantime, we have been hired by the College to create a conceptual plan for improvements to the entrance of Campus.  This study includes roadway and landscape improvements, road re-alignment within campus and creation of a new “front door”  through the use of landscaping and architectural features.  We are also in discussions with the Virginia DOT regarding renovations/ improvements to the Interstate Exit.


  • Site Analysis/ Due Diligence
  • Market Research and Analysis
  • Demographic Studies
  • Land Use planning
  • Image Design
  • Architectural Design