Corporation/ Pension Fund


Steelwoods principals have assisted NCNB (now Bank of America) Real Estate Fund in the development of several large office and business parks throughout the Southeastern United States. In these assignments which include projects in Birmingham, Atlanta, Nashville, Tampa, Charlotte, Raleigh, Savannah, Charleston and Richmond, we managed the initial planning of the property and the installation of the entire infrastructure system.

In the planning phase we studied the growth of each city to better anticipate the time frame for development of these properties which ranged in size from 100 acres to 3,500 acres. We met with area developers, transportation planners, city planners, and city officials to fully understand the vision of each city and the growth trends and patterns for developments in those cities. After this thorough market analysis, a development plan and masterplan were created for the properties which consisted of retail, hotel, office and flex buildings as the primary building project types.

Within each development plan we created covenants, conditions and restrictions for the orderly development of the properties along with design guidelines that identified land uses, buffers, setbacks, exterior building materials, streetscapes and landscapes.


These developments provided a source of investment diversification over the many companies that placed their pension funds into this managed fund. As the property developed and reached their highest and best use, many of them were sold to achieve greater returns to the member funds. Others continue to be developed and provide positive cash flow to the pension funds.

We continue to provide Architectural and Interior Design services to those properties that are still in the funds portfolio.


  • Site Analysis/ Due Diligence
  • Market Research and Analysis
  • Development Plan
  • Masterplanning
  • Image Design
  • Architectural Design
  • Interior Design